Sunday, June 17, 2012

Handicapping The Killing

The Season 2 finale of The Killing, during which the identity of Rosie Larsen's murderer will finally be revealed, airs just a few hours from now.  Here's a QuickList of the suspects I've targeted (disclaimer: I am unfamiliar with the plot of the original Danish version of the series), along with my posted odds of that particular character proving guilty of the homicide:

Jack Linden: Sarah's own son turning out to be a twerp perp would make for a terrific twist (maybe I'm just hoping Jack did it because he's such a moody/whiny little bastard).  20 to 1.

Rick Felder:  My early candidate for The Killer, but I've been scared off by the fact that he's the very first character listed in the Suspect Tracker on the show's official website (the producers wouldn't be that obvious, would they?).  15 to 1.

Jamie Wright: He's looking extremely shady after last week's episode, which leads me to believe he'll be exonerated in the finale.  10 to 1.

Mitch Larsen: She's taken her daughter's death especially hard, but what if all those tears stem from remorse more than grief?  7 to 1.

Sterling Fitch:  This alleged best friend with the temptingly allegorical name (a "fitch" is a type of weasel) could have been in the perfect position to fatally betray Rosie.  5 to 1.

Sally Ames: If her avowed tolerance of an open marriage is mere pretense, and if husband Michael was (suspected of) screwing around with young Rosie, then Sally would have a Presumed-Innocent-type motive for the teenager's murder.  3 to 1.

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